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08:18 21.08.2019 г. LONDON

t design and that elevating

Over the past few months I have been corresponding via e-mail [url=http://www.tobiasstiftung.de/Nike-Air-Max-Classic-BW-Damen-c-61_62.html]Nike Air Max Classic BW Damen[/url] with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella on the topics of running form and running shoes. Mark has a very interesting background in that he is a family physician at Harpers Ferry Family Medicine in WV, an Associate Professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine, and the owner of Two Rivers (TR) Treads, the [url=http://www.philshotton.co.uk/Nike-Air-Max-90-Womens-c-19.html]Nike Air Max 90 Womens[/url] nation’s first minimalist-only running store. If the above wasn’t enough to keep Mark busy, he’s also a highly accomplished runner, having completed over 60 marathons and ultras. Mark’s marathon PR is 2:24, and according to his bio on the TR Treads website, he has “run under 2:35 for a marathon 22 of the last 24 years including a 2:34 in the 2010 Boston Marathon at age 43.” Pretty impressive resume to say the least!What gives me the most meaning is being able to teach basic principles through my own running performance now that I am [url=http://www.armagilus.fr/Nike-Air-Max-Classic-BW-Femme-c-61_62.html]Nike Air Max Classic BW Femme[/url] in my 40’s. Still running marathons at under 2:35 with a crazy busy life is a testament to what we teach at our store- good form, aerobic development, functional strength, and above all fun. Moving into the ultra distances and accepting new challenges and learning new things is what it is all about. [url=http://www.emilytorino.it/Nike-Air-Max-Classic-BW-Donne-c-43_45.html]Nike Air Max Classic BW Donne[/url] Edmund Hillary once said “”If you set out on an adventure, and you are absolutely convinced you’re going to be successful, why bother starting.“.I had surgery on my feet in 2000 and needed to develop a low impact running style. At that time I knew little about shoes, but always felt better when I trained in racing flats. I could run with a quick, light cadence with more minimal footwear. My work with an innovator in the shoe design industry, Trip Allen, led me to discover the benefits of a zero drop shoe (i.e., no heel lift). I sawed [url=http://www.marmarisco.es/Nike-Air-Max-90-Mujer-c-48_50.html]Nike Air Max 90 Mujer[/url] off a centimeter of heel to level my training shoes. This was an epiphany…my body felt the efficiency and comfort immediately.For fast runs on the roads where performance is focus the Newton Distance (see below) is a great shoe for employing barefoot running mechanics with some give back to natural elastic [url=http://www.braderiekwadijk.nl/Nike-Air-Max-90-Dames-c-37_38.html]Nike Air Max 90 Dames[/url] recoil. One can really feel this at the end of a marathon when the legs are pretty toasted and you move forward by relaxing. This shoe works with you if you employ the strong core and relaxed limb approach to running. With the insole [url=http://www.marmarisco.es/Adidas-Gazelle-Mujer-c-7_8.html]Adidas Gazelle Mujer[/url] removed (no foam needed) and some heel counter cut out (also not needed for barefoot style) the shoe weighs in at a mere 7oz. This is NOT a soft foam shoe. A firm TPU top plate and firm rebound chambers in the forefoot make this shoe a completely different feel from most and an addictive one when you [url=http://www.jamlikhalsavast.se/Nike-Air-Max-Classic-BW-Dam-c-16_36.html]Nike Air Max Classic BW Dam[/url] start to use it.You can run with really bad form in any shoe. Good form must come first (check out Mark’s running form in the video below from the 2010 Boston Marathon). Running true barefoot on hard surfaces will reinforce better form, as only then will you experience the immediate and negative feedback [url=http://www.tobiasstiftung.de/Adidas-Campus-Damen-c-1_3.html]Adidas Campus Damen[/url] of a heel strike. Elevated heels feel horrible when you have learned good form. You cannot get natural elastic recoil from the Achilles and Plantar Fascia with your heels elevated.I think people are really talking about a similar thing. [url=http://www.aadkruiswijk.nl/]www.aadkruiswijk.nl[/url] The important point is landing gently under your center of mass. Eliminate the word strike from the vocabulary. A runner is not striking anything. Picture the lunar lander coming onto the moon surface….something will touch first but the entire platform settles down. This is the key to landing…let [url=http://www.armagilus.fr/Nike-Air-Max-Thea-Femme-c-67_68.html]Nike Air Max Thea Femme[/url] your full foot settle down under your center of mass, trigger/load the elastic recoil, and lift back off quickly.I take a basic science approach to anatomy, biomechanics, evidence based practice, and research. Although none of this has given definitive proof that there is a perfect shoe, there is great validity to the concept that your foot is the smartest design and that elevating the heels with crash pad cushioning will not prevent injury or lead to better foot function.
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